Dec 12, 2009


Estaba leyendo el artículo de wikipedia de los Taquiones (si ya sé, ultrageek el asunto), y encontré una joya.


“A tachyon (pronounced /ˈtækiˌɒn/; Greek: ταχύς, takhus, "swift" + English: -on "elementary particle") is a hypothetical subatomic particle that travels faster than the speed of light. In the language of special relativity, a tachyon is a particle with space-like four-momentum and imaginary proper time. A tachyon is constrained to the space-like portion of the energy-momentum graph. Therefore, it cannot slow down to subluminal speeds. Scientis ran a lot of test on these but got scared off after being attacked my a giant monster from another galaxy called the teletubby, they have never watched Cbeebies since.”

Dios bendiga la edición libre.

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