Oct 1, 2009

Octobeard 2009

Are you man enough to stop shaving for a month?


I don’t know, but I will sure try.


This one is for you Billy!

Billy Mays (1958-2009)


Si, ya sé que el año pasado hice esa chambonada el No Shave November, pero igual, yo lo sometí a votación y ustedes perdieron, me verán con un intento malo de cabello facial. Shit happens.

Aquí unas sabias palabras de John Pouche:

“Once again another year has flown by and we are on the eve of another exciting Octobeard. Everything remains the same as it has always been - shave on September 30th and don't shave for the entire month of October. This simple system of rules has brought joy to many throughout these past few years.

The first two years of Octobeard focused on its participants and creators, without much recognition being given to those who celebrate their beards the whole year through. It is in the third year of our annual Octobeard excursion, however, that we lost a man who may have had the most well-groomed beard in the history of mankind, Mr. William Darrell Mays Jr. It is in his honor that we dedicate this Octobeard of 2009, as it is well-deserved by a man so dedicated and passionate about his work and facial hair.

Without question this event has risen in both popularity and participants with each year thus far, and the Council of Octobeard hopes to see an increase once again. We ask that all Octobeardians spread the joy and the word of this epic adventure to all, so that our beards may grow and our cause will prosper for years to come.

A final word to all those eager to begin the month - leave your name and your school (or workplace/business) on the Wall of Octobeard so that you may be listed and recognized as a facial hair gladiator of 2009. The journey is a long one but you are most definitely not alone, and when you view the list of fellow bearded brothers you will once again realize that this holiday is shared by a group of pioneers like no other.
Thank you all, and Viva la Octobeard.”


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